Oh no, its almost over!

SROP has been the best experience I’ve had so far in college. SROP is a great opportunity to network and meet new people. Not only is OSEEL always there to help us but our mentors help us throughout the process. So far the experience of doing research has been great. But the best part about this program was to meet everyone. I have met amazing people, which are all unique in different ways.

Research can sound scary at first, I will be the first one to admit that coming into the program I wasn’t sure this was for me. But everyone in the program has made me feel comfortable. There is more to research than just being in the library. Working with one another has gotten me to explore different ways to work.

SROP has help me explore different possibilities for my future. I am looking into maybe a master program. My mentor has inspired me to explore different possibilities and I have this program to thank.

Here are some pictures of this week! It was great week of bonding with everyone!

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Half way done, say it ain’t so………

Time has flown by being here! I can’t believe it is half way through the program already. During the durations of the program I have started conducting the interviews on the Latino restaurant owners. They have all been very cooperative in helping me. I am really satisfied with the interviews so far. They are so wise in this field that I’m learning hands on from their experience in opening their businesses. So far I have started to see that the FDA makes a HUGE impact on these owners. For example in one of the interviews, I learned how much FDA fines them for the smallest things and won’t take any explanations although there might in some occasions. From what I have correlated so far, I am can see their biggest obstacle while having their restaurants in business is the FDA.

Although I am focusing in the Latin American restaurant owners, any entrepreneur will benefit from this research to show any obstacles they might face during the process. Since there is so little research done on the topic I chose, I think my results will help those who have traveled to United States and have in mind opening a restaurant of their own in the future. Although the language might be an obstacle in starting, but connections are key to gain help from others.

Here are is a picture of the dinner we had at President Doug’s home. It was such an amazing experience! Remember: Don’t SROP Believin’


3rd week down!

Living with my fellow SROPers has been a great experience! I love being able to go to one of their rooms and just talk to them if I’m bored or need a break from working. Living together has not only made us comfortable around each other but we have learned to use each other as a support system. Christie has been my #1 support system for me, since she is so experienced in her research skill she has given me great tips in how to start and format my paper.

Since living togetherSnapchat-6410428863527610402 has been such an advantage to us, we usually gather in the common area and work together or go to the library and worked on our research together. I definitely work better when someone is around me, because I am able to focus more.

Since it’s such a broad range of projects everyone is working on, I have learned a few things of some of the projects. There are a lot of great topics everyone is working on. Although some I have no idea what they talk about half the time like Jim. But I am amazed on how much they know about their projects. I feel extremely fortunate to have met them all.

Bonding with the McKearn Fellows, I have noticed that we are all on the same boat. Research seems to be all new to them as much as it is to me. Coming to SROP I feel like a lot of the already have experience in the research field and I’m completely clueless. They have made me feel very welcome around them. Definitely getting to know them has helped me feel comfortable in the field of research that is so new to me. Meeting them has helped multiple of us connect with them, to see we have similar field of studies that can help us collaborate with our projects. I really hope this connection I have made with SROP and the fellows will continue cause it will definitely help me academically and professionally my networking.

Second week done!

Hello again!

Well this finished up the second week of SROP!

I would like to tell you a little about what my research is about. I am trying to find out what legal differences exists for Latino business immigrants upon entering the United States. In other words, when an established food business owner in a Latin American country migrates to the U.S. are there any legal differences between the two countries that might affect the way the business is ran. I will be interviewing 5 business owners to see their struggles in strengths throughout the process of opening their restaurants in the United States. Although this is all a new experience for me, I feel confident I am able to complete the project.

My greatest challenge during the program will be writing my paper. I will be the first to admit that my writing isn’t the best. By far the hardest will be to find people who can edit my paper well before my mentor reads it. He tends to get agitated if he sees small grammatical errors that I should have caught or my editors but neither of us did. With that said, I need to find better editors that will catch that before I go to him. My goal for the summer if too increase my writing skills. I know I need all the practice I can get.

The workshop I found most valuable so far in the programs was going to Wendell Johnson for a run through of the library sources. I have contacted him several times to help me for some of sources and he’s been such a great resource.

Here are a few images of the program so far!15-OSEEL-SROP-RB-0615-06



First week done!

Hi all!
It has been a great kickoff to this summer! I will admit this week did start of a bit stressful since I found I needed to get IRB approval for my research which was nowhere in my plans. It surprised me to see how fast the first week went by and I already feel overwhelmed to see what is due in so little time. But I got this! I believe in myself. What I look forward as an SROP participant is to actually see myself in a professional field with other colleagues presenting in the symposium on August 7. I am super excited to see my poster board. As of now I am happy that I am almost complete with my proposal that’s due tomorrow, I know this proposal will guide me to the rest of the assignments that are due.
Happy blogging errrrbody’!