Bienvenidos a Puerto Vallarta were the first words I heard when arriving from the airport. Human Connections and all of Bucerias has welcomed me with open arms.

Mi querido Mexico, how I have missed you. Although this town is quiet different than my hometown Huitzuco its uniquely cultural and I love it. I feel so happy to have already managed to meet and learn about the history of some local businesses in town. I look forward to all the rich cultural stories I will learn from these entrepreneurs. Although they don’t know it, they all inspire to keep fighting for my dreams.

Human Connections has brighten me to a different perspective in traveling: Responsible Tourism.

I have various goals for this experience. I hope to help erase the language barrier between those who don’t understand Spanish between the first week of being here. Where I definitely feel the other interns adjusting to it already.  Also, due to personal reasons I fear for my safety in Mexico. I am trying to fade the fear while being here, being more comfortable to explore the area without being paranoid.

Professionally I would like to explore opportunities of working abroad. How hard or easy is it to adjust? How exactly does Human Connections manage to be in both countries as a nonprofit and organization?

Education would be to learn to apply my experiences in Sacred Heart at TX and even my research I conducted regarding the legal barriers Latino business owners face when establishing in the Unites States to this internships. Using the knowledge learned then to better the opportunities of future tourist exploring Bucerias and the area nearby.

Can’t wait to see what comes next!

Gracias Mexico querido.




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