Say it ain’t so…. where did the time go?

My mentor was the Director of the Belief Program for the College of Business. His name is Dr. William C. McCoy. He has been nothing but the best mentor I could have asked for. He has taught me to grow as a writer. I came into the program not being the best writer, but I have definitely improved on my writing skills thanks to him.

He has helped me throughout the process the best to his ability. This was a learning experience for him, since he had never undergone the process with another student. I would have definitely not been able to do this without my mentor. Benefits from working with him was to expand my knowledge based on what he has of experience, although he was learning as we went along. He knew how to answer all my question to the best of his ability.

Now that my research has come to an end, when discussing my results and discussion section with mentor, he brought up to my attention different perspectives to write about. His feedback was definitely beneficial to me throughout the summer. He has definitely put time into me and I really appreciate it.

As for this week with my fellow SROPers, we had two birthdays to celebrate, Ayde’s and mines. Which just happened that we were both roomies! We all went out to dinner on Wednesday with everyone, it was by far the best experience. They surprised us with a cookie cake! Here are some pictures…





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