Time needs to slow down…. please SROP!

My favorite workshop up to this day was the last minute workshop given to us on a Friday. The day Dr. Anna Quider asked to meet us. Not knowing what to expect from the last minute workshop, it shocked me to see how much she inspired me. She showed me how life gives you so many random opportunities and to not take anything for granted. Her story really showed me how normal she still is even having such a high position. I loved how goofy she was nothing how I expected from a Director of Federal Relations. Her presentation was not boring at all, she just knew exactly what to do in order to keep everyone interested. Dr. Quider is honestly one of the top five presenters I enjoyed in my time in NIU. She is definitely someone I don’t want to ever loose contact with.

So far as a researcher I have learned what an actual research report format looks like. It has helped me keep in track what is included with all the due dates SROP has given us to turn weekly. Since I came into the program clueless, this program has helped me learn how to incorporate my research in writing. Professionally I have learned how to communicate better, since I had to conduct interviews. I have also learned to write in a more professional manner, which that be either email or in a report.

Throughout the workshops we have met various departments across campus. But the top two that I plan on using will be the Research Compliance and Integrity department for IRB approval on future research projects as well as Dr. Anna Quider. Networking is the key to opportunities and I believe SROP has definitely given us multiple resources.

This program is going by so fast! Its so sad. I wish this program was longer….

I don’t have pictures from this week, but I do have many pictures of Christie’s faces this past week. I worked with her daily and its clear she makes me laugh a lot! ENJOY.

2015-07-23 22.11.23_resized


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