Oh no, its almost over!


SROP has been the best experience I’ve had so far in college. SROP is a great opportunity to network and meet new people. Not only is OSEEL always there to help us but our mentors help us throughout the process. So far the experience of doing research has been great. But the best part about this program was to meet everyone. I have met amazing people, which are all unique in different ways.

Research can sound scary at first, I will be the first one to admit that coming into the program I wasn’t sure this was for me. But everyone in the program has made me feel comfortable. There is more to research than just being in the library. Working with one another has gotten me to explore different ways to work.

SROP has help me explore different possibilities for my future. I am looking into maybe a master program. My mentor has inspired me to explore different possibilities and I have this program to thank.

Here are some pictures of this week! It was great week of bonding with everyone!