Half way done, say it ain’t so………

Time has flown by being here! I can’t believe it is half way through the program already. During the durations of the program I have started conducting the interviews on the Latino restaurant owners. They have all been very cooperative in helping me. I am really satisfied with the interviews so far. They are so wise in this field that I’m learning hands on from their experience in opening their businesses. So far I have started to see that the FDA makes a HUGE impact on these owners. For example in one of the interviews, I learned how much FDA fines them for the smallest things and won’t take any explanations although there might in some occasions. From what I have correlated so far, I am can see their biggest obstacle while having their restaurants in business is the FDA.

Although I am focusing in the Latin American restaurant owners, any entrepreneur will benefit from this research to show any obstacles they might face during the process. Since there is so little research done on the topic I chose, I think my results will help those who have traveled to United States and have in mind opening a restaurant of their own in the future. Although the language might be an obstacle in starting, but connections are key to gain help from others.

Here are is a picture of the dinner we had at President Doug’s home. It was such an amazing experience! Remember: Don’t SROP Believin’



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