Second week done!

Hello again!

Well this finished up the second week of SROP!

I would like to tell you a little about what my research is about. I am trying to find out what legal differences exists for Latino business immigrants upon entering the United States. In other words, when an established food business owner in a Latin American country migrates to the U.S. are there any legal differences between the two countries that might affect the way the business is ran. I will be interviewing 5 business owners to see their struggles in strengths throughout the process of opening their restaurants in the United States. Although this is all a new experience for me, I feel confident I am able to complete the project.

My greatest challenge during the program will be writing my paper. I will be the first to admit that my writing isn’t the best. By far the hardest will be to find people who can edit my paper well before my mentor reads it. He tends to get agitated if he sees small grammatical errors that I should have caught or my editors but neither of us did. With that said, I need to find better editors that will catch that before I go to him. My goal for the summer if too increase my writing skills. I know I need all the practice I can get.

The workshop I found most valuable so far in the programs was going to Wendell Johnson for a run through of the library sources. I have contacted him several times to help me for some of sources and he’s been such a great resource.

Here are a few images of the program so far!15-OSEEL-SROP-RB-0615-06




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